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Aging Pets

Helps with Limited Mobility


Riding High Above

Safety From Bigger Animals


Walking Around

Eases Tired Little Legs


Cuddles at Home

Great Bonding Time


Animal Rescues

Feel Loved & Closer to You


Errand & Coffee Runs

Doubles as a Purse

Thousands of Happy Customers

Even More Happy Pets

Roodie... The Purrrfect Gift!

Roodie makes a unique Gift for any small pet lover. Wear the pouch expanded to hold a lightweight animal when lounging or walking around. 7 kgs pouch support. Free shipping from the USA with 5 colors in 9 female fitted sizes, in stock. Highest quality materials, USA made cotton. Great return policy. Thousands of happy customers since 2015.

Enjoy With a Cat, Dog or Other Small Pet.



  • Ideal for most toy dog breeds (chihuahuas, yorkies, morkies)
  • Small to medium sized cats
  • Most other small pets. Hamsters, rabbits, rats, & sugar gliders all love Roodie.

POUCH DIMENSIONS - The dimensions are the same for size 2XS through 4XL. Once expanded the large carrying pouch measures:

Width: 14 inches (35.56cm)
Height: 9 inches (22.86cm)
Depth: 4 inches (10.16cm).

PET WEIGHT - Supports a pet weighing 7 Kg (15.4 lbs). The stitching's capable of supporting more weight but we don't advise this for your back.


SIZING - IMPORTANT: ROODIES ARE NOT UNISEX. THEY ARE FEMALE CUT, and NOT ideal for men, unless slender build. Order up a size if you prefer a roomier sweater. Our hoodies are USA Measurements. Please see our 'Sizing Chart (image)' below for accurate sizing information.

COLORS - Roodies come in: Blue, Gray, Navy, Purple and Turquoise. Each with Gray, elastic stretch bottom & cuffs. Preview Colors Here

SHIPPING - We ship worldwide and we offer free shipping to USA customers. We ship either the same day or the next business day after placing your order, from our warehouse in Houston, USA.

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  • USA Orders - 3 to 5 Business Day Delivery. (included in price)

International and Expedited Shipping

  • Canada Orders - 5 to 10 Business Day Delivery via Canada Post - $30 USD - Also *Potential Duty Fee (see below)
  • Other International Orders - 7 to 10 Business Day Delivery (estimate, sometimes longer) - $30 USD - Also *Potential Duty Fee (see below)
  • USA Orders Expedited - 2 Business Day Delivery via FedEx - $10 USD

IMPORTANT NOTE for International Orders (non USA): There is a good chance you'll need to pay an additional fee from customs upon receiving your Roodie. This will vary by country. We've seen: Canada $23 CAD, UK £20, Germany €13.

SIZING MODEL AID - Here are some various models trying on different sizes along with their body specs to help guide you. Sorry but at the moment we were only able to get this done for our smaller sizes. We are working on adding this for our larger sizes soon.


Roodie's the original and premium pet pouch hoodie sweatshirt on the market since 2015.

Crafted from the highest quality Eco Friendly, USA made Cotton and Polyester (80% cotton, 20% polyester mix) for maximum comfort and strength.

  • The pet carrier hoodie surface is high quality Ring Spun Cotton 30s/1 (* see explanation below).
  • Inside is a soft polyester for perfect stretch & strength.
  • All sewing threads are 40s/2* for max durability and sewn by 5 thread automatic sewing machines.
  • Fabrics are dyed using advanced eco-friendly techniques.

*Regarding the Ring-Spun Cotton (30s/1) Roodie's Are Made From.

When you encounter '20 singles' or '30 singles' ring-spun cotton, this refers to the thickness of the yarn in a garment. A higher number indicates better quality and a softer feel to the fabric.

There are two major types of cotton fabric, regular and ring-spun cotton. Ring spun is softer and feels better, but why? Regular cotton comes from soft fibers which are twisted together to make yarn. The yarn is then woven into fabric. Cheaper brand clothing is made this way. Ring-spun cotton, yarn is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands. Results are a fine, strong rope made of cotton fibers. Ring-spun cotton shirts / sweaters are more rugged & last longer. This is the method we use for Roodie.


  • The carrier pouch has a removable, machine-washable liner allowing for easy cleaning.
  • The pouch material is a Cotton/Polyester that's so soft dogs, cats and other small pets LOVE it.
  • Added hidden zip hand pockets are separate from the pet pouch.
  • Zippers are made of Nylon Coil for rust free, long-term use.
  • Thick 100% Cotton drawcords with leather ends & best finishing add to a premium look.
  • Even without a pet, and the pouches zipped up, Roodie is stylish and comfortable.


  • A Cat, Dog, or Other Small Pet that's under 7 Kg.
  • The large, expanding, heavy duty, soft pet holder pouch is perfect to carry a small lightweight pet.
  • The pet carrier pocket is great for cuddling & lounging indoors at home, or going for a walk outside on a beautiful day.
  • Rescue animals especially love the feeling of closeness, warmth and safety a Roodie pet holder hoodie pouch brings them.
  • Aging pets tire out easier and really appreciate the ride when their poor little legs become too tired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do They Run Small and Are They Unisex?

Roodie's were designed as female fitted garments, not unisex. Slimmer men can still wear them though. Please review our SIZING, COLORS & SHIPPING details section carefully.

For most people the sizing is as expected for a female fitted hoodie. ie they are a little tighter. If you prefer a roomier hoodie we would advise ordering up a size. Please check our detailed sizing information and measure against a sweatshirt you already own for the best fit.

Do the Pouch Sizes Differ from 2XS Through 4XL

POUCH DIMENSIONS - The same for size 2XS to 4XL. Once expanded the large carrying pouch measures:

Width: 14 inches (35.56cm)
Height: 9 inches (22.86cm)
Depth: 4 inches (10.16cm).

PET WEIGHT - Supports a pet weighing 7 Kg (15.4 lbs). The stitching's capable of supporting more weight but we don't advise this for your back.

Is There a Safety Attachment to Hold the Pet in Place?

No there is not. There is the zipper on top so what some customers like to do is zip them in a little tight at first and then as they get more used to it you can open the zipper more. Typically the animals get used to it quite quickly, within days. It really depends on the animal though. Adding a leash with a hook is something we are evaluating but this is not currently in place.

Why is it a Premium Price?

Extra time and attention was put into creating the perfect pouch. Roodie is a premium brand and we use the highest quality eco friendly materials. If you read some of our customer reviews you will see how this hoodie is the warmest and highest quality many of our customers have ever owned. Also it is incredibly comfy for the pet.

What are Your Exchange and Refund Policies?

If you need a different size or color or simply want to return for a refund, the customer is responsible to pay for shipping it back to us. In the case of an exchange we then cover the shipping costs to send out the new one. Please review our full Exchange and Refund Policy.

What are the Washing Instructions?

Washing in warm water is fine but we highly advise no dryer use unless very low. We recommend to air dry to prevent shrinkage. The garment is not preshrunk.