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About Us

Who Are We?
Our company specializes in the sale of unique apparel. Our pilot product, Roodie, is a hoodie that many small pet owners and their pets will love. It gives you the ability to essentially wear your pet (like a kangaroo) or just cuddle with them nestled inside your Roodie.

Where'd The Idea Come From?
The founder, Cory, grew up on a farm. As a child he remembers putting kittens in the pockets of his hoodie and how much they loved it. 

Fast forward years later, after many years as a marketer and an increase in the number of women with small dog breeds, the idea struck him one day - why not make a hoodie with a pouch like a kangaroo to carry around small pets?

Where Are You Located?
Currently, we are an online store only that ships from the USA to happy customers worldwide. At heart, we are a proud East Coast Canadian.

How Long's Roodie Been Around?
Roodie was created in 2015.

Who Are the Creators?
Cory Schop is the original founder. After growing up on a farm, Cory's love for animals with a strong passion for internet marketing led to the creation of the Roodie pet hoodie.

How Do I Contact You?

We are on the following social platforms as: roodiewear